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3D Models

personalised 3 dimensional buildings created by hand

i started creating miniature buildings as a natural progression from my recent line drawings .ive always been interested in model making and thought id give it a go!

Whether you are moving from a family home, have built a new one or just love your favourite pub, let me recreate it for you in miniature.

Modern Architecture


i start by photographing my chosen building from as many angles as possible, to get the correct dimensions, roof pitch etc, then concentrate on the finer details.i.e interiors through windows or shop fittings. 

The more detail, the better!

The basic model is constructed from recycled cardboard with recycled polystyrene inside to hold the shape. Then the fun bit begins with adding bits that make the building unique. (i particularly love adding the roof tiles) 

Then its painting time!

Being a portrait artist working on large scale canvases, working at this small scale is a challenge, but an enjoyable one, as you can see the building coming to life when the colour is added.

Once completed, the new mini building is mounted on a plinth and varnished, ready to go to its new (larger) home.

model examples

Our Clients

'King Tuts' in situ and inside the venue behind the bar.

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